by Linda A. Ratcliff, Th.D., Ed.D.

Seek first the kingdom of God

PDF: Text & Questions


CHAPTER 1: Are You Setting Healthy Boundaries? CHAPTER 10: Are You Taking Care of Your Father’s Business?
CHAPTER 2: Is Jesus Sleeping in Your Boat? CHAPTER 11: Do You Give Up Too Quickly?
CHAPTER 3: Is It Time to Move On? CHAPTER 12: Do You Have an Attitude of Gratitude?
CHAPTER 4: Is Your Heart Getting Harder? CHAPTER 13: Does This Offend You?
CHAPTER 5: Are Your Priorities in the Right Order? CHAPTER 14: Do You Need to Reboot?
CHAPTER 6: Do You Need a Change of Heart? CHAPTER 15: Do You Only Love People Who Love You Back?
CHAPTER 7: Are You Sleeping Spiritually? CHAPTER 16: So You Say I’m Being Judgmental?
CHAPTER 8: How Are You Managing Your Money? CHAPTER 17: What Has You Paralyzed?
CHAPTER 9: Anxious for Nothing … or Nothing But Anxious? CHAPTER 18: Do You REALLY Love Me?

Note: If you accidentally submit the lesson before you are ready, just open this page again and begin with the question where you left off. If you wish to quit and continue later, hit the submit button and when you have time, pick up with the question where you left off. We will combine the answer sheets together into one response for you.

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