Meaning of our Name: Therapon

Ecclesiates 4:10The word "therapon" is the noun form of the Greek verb "therapeuo." We derive our English word "therapy" from "therapeuo." It is translated "cure" and "heal" several times in the Gospels. Therapon is translated "servant" in Hebrews 3:5. The author of the Epistle to the Hebrews called Moses a therapon in the house of God, implying that Moses occupied a more confidential position, offered a free service, and possessed a higher dignity than a dulos (bond servant). Therapon is an exceptional and honorable title.

Helping hurting and healing people to recover from life-controlling problems is also an exceptional and honorable ministry. When seeking a descriptive term that would best express teaching a faith-based therapeutic treatment model, the word "therapon" appeared to be the most accurate. A Biblical counselor does not heal, but rather assists in healing. Ironically, that is exactly what a Therapon does. God does the healing, but He uses skilled, trained, compassionate Therapons to assist in the process.