Battle for the Body

Contributed by Harvestime International Institute

There is a part of spiritual warfare that is manifested in the physical realm. Satan has targeted the physical bodies of believers because he knows that weak and sickly warriors cannot wage effective battle against his kingdom. Luke 14:31 says, "What king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he is able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?" No one should ever enter battle without a careful examination of his resources and development of battle strategies.

In this course we are making a careful evaluation of the strategies available to win the war against Satan in the battle for your body. You will learn to do battle for your physical body and to minister these truths to other wounded warriors in God's army.

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CHAPTER 1: Kingdoms In Conflict CHAPTER 11: The Traditions Of Men
CHAPTER 2: A Call To Arms CHAPTER 12: A Thorn In The Flesh
CHAPTER 3: Before The Battle CHAPTER 13: Unanswered Questions
CHAPTER 4: The Source Of Sickness CHAPTER 14: Ministering Healing
CHAPTER 5: The Reasons For Sickness CHAPTER 15: Healing Follow-Up Ministry
CHAPTER 6: Types Of Sickness CHAPTER 16: The Ultimate Healing
CHAPTER 7: The End Results Of Sickness CHAPTER 17: Whom Satan Hath Bound
CHAPTER 8: The Biblical Basis Of Healing CHAPTER 18: Ministering Deliverance
CHAPTER 9: The Purposes Of Healing CHAPTER 19: Deliverance Follow-Up Ministry
CHAPTER 10: The Gifts Of Healing CHAPTER 20: Well Warriors

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