The Criminal's Belief System
Why Criminals Do the Things They Do

What Were They Thinking?

Sometimes when we hear about another crime, we wonder, "What on earth were they thinking?" The fact is, many criminals have hardened their hearts, their thoughts have developed into a different belief system resulting in different thinking patterns, and these thoughts impacted the choices and actions that led to their incarceration. In this course, we will be studying some of the common beliefs and thoughts of criminals that have come out of a hardened heart, and match them up, one by one, with truths from God’s Word.

Text & Workbook

INTRODUCTION: Guard Your Hearts    
CHAPTER 1: “It’s All About Me, Me, Me!” CHAPTER 13: "No One Will Ever Know."
CHAPTER 2: “What’s Mine is Mine.” CHAPTER 14: "I Won't."
CHAPTER 3: “It’s My Way or the Highway.” CHAPTER 15: "I Don't Get Mad. I Get Even."
CHAPTER 4: “It’s Not My Fault.” CHAPTER 16: "Man ... This Is a Drag."
CHAPTER 5: “That Wasn’t Fair.” CHAPTER 17: "That's None of Your Business."
CHAPTER 6: "Whatever!” CHAPTER 18: "I Want It NOW."
CHAPTER 7: “I Can’t.” CHAPTER 19: "I'll Git'er Done Tomorrow."
CHAPTER 8: “I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong.” CHAPTER 20: "I Won't Get Caught."
CHAPTER 9: "Nothing Scares Me." CHAPTER 21: "I'm Basically a Good Person."
CHAPTER 10: "I Can't Help It." CHAPTER 22: "He Did it."
CHAPTER 11: "I'm Above the Law." CHAPTER 23: "I Didn't Mean To."
CHAPTER 12: "He Only Got What He Deserved." CHAPTER 24: "I Was Desperate."

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