This course has been adapted from the book Disciple Maker by Dr. Albert L. Kurz, and used by permission.

PDF Document: Workbook

Menu of Topics

Chapter 1: Position and Privilege Chapter 9: Listening to Jesus Pray Chapter 17: Personal Finances
Chapter 2: Second Chances Chapter 10: Pattern for Progress Chapter 18: Seeing Needs
Chapter 3: Strength in the Spirit Chapter 11: Transforming Thoughts Chapter 19: Bringing People to Jesus
Chapter 4: Growing Up Chapter 12: Personal Discipline Chapter 20: Disciple Making
Chapter 5: Living in a Non-Christian World Chapter 13: Relating to Others Chapter 21: Sharing the Truth
Chapter 6: Handling Difficulties Chapter 14: Caring Contacts Chapter 22: Teaching Others
Chapter 7: Doubts and Difficulties Chapter 15: Making Marriage Work Chapter 23: Jesus' Leadership Style
Chapter 8: Learning to Pray Chapter 16: Family Life Today Chapter 24: The Family of God

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