Disciple Maker: Part 2
This course has been adapted from the book Disciple Maker by Dr. Albert L. Kurz, and used by permission.

Menu of Topics
Chapter 1: The Bible Chapter 10: Accepting Discipleship Chapter 19: Reproduction
Chapter 2: The Designer Chapter 11: Studying His Methods Chapter 20: Seed Planting
Chapter 3: The People God Made Chapter 12: Discovering Directives Chapter 21: Fishing for Men
Chapter 4: Humpty Dumpty People Chapter 13: Practicing Obedience Chapter 22: Fish Cleaning
Chapter 5: Recalling Defects Chapter 14: Becoming Like Jesus Chapter 23: Attitudes - Altitude
Chapter 6: Developing Strength Chapter 15: Principles for Living Chapter 24: Spiritual Encouragement
Chapter 7: Keeping in Contact Chapter 16: Body Basics Chapter 25: Decision Making
Chapter 8: Handling Temptation Chapter 17: Leadership Chapter 26: Goal Setting
Chapter 9: Observing Jesus Chapter 18: Fruit Bearer Chapter 27: Faithfulness

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