Growing Through Divorce

Growing Through Divorce

You are either "going through divorce" or "growing through divorce."

The Choice is Yours

Text by Jim Smoke
Workbook by Linda A. Ratcliff, Th.D., Ed.D.

PDF Workbook: Growing Through Divorce

INTRO: How to Survive a Divorce CHAPTER 8: Finding and Experiencing Forgiveness
CHAPTER 1: Is This Really Happening to Me? CHAPTER 9: 47 Going On 17
CHAPTER 2: Letting Go CHAPTER 10: Remariage: Yours, Mine, & Maybe Our Families
CHAPTER 3: Getting the Former Spouse in Focus CHAPTER 11: How to Keep the Scales of Justice From Tilting
CHAPTER 4 Assuming Responsibiity for Myself CHAPTER 12: Get a Life - Yours!
CHAPTER 5: Assuming Responsibiity for My Children CHAPTER 13: Most Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce
CHAPTER 6: Assuming Responsibiity for My Future CHAPTER 14: How to Help Others Grow Through Divorce
CHAPTER 7: Finding a Family
CHAPTER 15: Growing Through Divorce: A Summary

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