There is an unmistakable correlation between the miracles the Lord has performed in history and the unusual commands He gave those who obeyed him. Over and over, He asked believers to do things that might have seemed ridiculous at the time – perhaps to themselves as well as the others around them. This course examines several examples where obedience resulted in the release of God's miraculous power.


CHAPTER 1: The First Cruise Ship CHAPTER 18: Miracle of the Coin
CHAPTER 2: Believing the Impossible CHAPTER 19: Get Up!
CHAPTER 3: A Journey of Sacrifice CHAPTER 20: The Healing Stretch
CHAPTER 4: In Times of Famine CHAPTER 21: Obedience in the Storm
CHAPTER 5: The Rescue CHAPTER 22: Persistence Pays Off
CHAPTER 6: If Any Man Thirsts CHAPTER 23: An Attitude of Gratitude
CHAPTER 7: A Strange Way to Be Healed CHAPTER 24: Filled to the Brim
CHAPTER 8: Step Into the Water CHAPTER 25: From Agonizing Fear to Absolute Faith
CHAPTER 9: Bringing Down the Walls CHAPTER 26: Change Your Focus
CHAPTER 10: Always Check with the Lord First CHAPTER 27: The Miracle of Multiplication
CHAPTER 11: When the Brook Dries Up CHAPTER 28: I Once Was Blind
CHAPTER 12: Putting Faith to the Test CHAPTER 29: Fishers of Men
CHAPTER 13: Ditches in the Desert CHAPTER 30: The Power of a U-Turn
CHAPTER 14: Empty Vessels Filled CHAPTER 31: Getting a Good Night's Sleep
CHAPTER 15: Pride vs. Leprosy CHAPTER 32: Something to Sing About
CHAPTER 16: A Whale of an Experience CHAPTER 33: Fasting with Prayer - My Testimony
CHAPTER 17: Get Out of the Boat CHAPTER 34: The Obedience of the Messiah

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