Seek first the kingdom of God

PDF: Text & Questions


CHAPTER 1: Are You Setting Healthy Boundaries? CHAPTER 10: Are You Taking Care of Your Father’s Business?
CHAPTER 2: Is Jesus Sleeping in Your Boat? CHAPTER 11: Do You Give Up Too Quickly?
CHAPTER 3: Is It Time to Move On? CHAPTER 12: Do You Have an Attitude of Gratitude?
CHAPTER 4: Is Your Heart Getting Harder? CHAPTER 13: Does This Offend You?
CHAPTER 5: Are Your Priorities in the Right Order? CHAPTER 14: Do You Need to Reboot?
CHAPTER 6: Do You Need a Change of Heart? CHAPTER 15: Do You Only Love People Who Love You Back?
CHAPTER 7: Are You Sleeping Spiritually? CHAPTER 16: So You Say I’m Being Judgmental?
CHAPTER 8: How Are You Managing Your Money? CHAPTER 17: What Has You Paralyzed?
CHAPTER 9: Anxious for Nothing … or Nothing But Anxious? CHAPTER 18: Do You REALLY Love Me?

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