Leaven-Like Evangelism
by Harvestime International Institute

PDF: Text & Workbook

CHAPTER 1: Leaven-Like Evangelism   CHAPTER 12: The Methods: Mass Evangelism
CHAPTER 2: The Mandate     CHAPTER 13: Decisions Or Disciples?
CHAPTER 3: The Message   CHAPTER 14: Planning For Evangelism
CHAPTER 4: The Messengers   CHAPTER 15: Networking For Evangelism  
CHAPTER 5: Communicating The Message   CHAPTER 16: Introduction To Healing And Deliverance
CHAPTER 6: Recipients Of The Message   CHAPTER 17: Variables That Affect Healing
CHAPTER 7: The Methods: New Testament Principles   CHAPTER 18: "As You Go, Heal"
CHAPTER 8: The Methods: New Testament Parables   CHAPTER 19: "As You Go, Deliver"
CHAPTER 9: The Methods: Personal Evangelism   CHAPTER 20: Church Planting: The Model
CHAPTER 10: The Methods: Dealing With Difficulties   CHAPTER 21: Church Planting: The Methods
CHAPTER 11: The Methods:  Saturation Evangelism   CHAPTER 22: Church Planting: The Multiplication

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