Major Bible Themes
52 Vital Doctrines of the Scriptures
by Lewis Sperry Chafer

Revised by John F. Walvoord

PDF Workbook

Online Workbook: Table of Contents

Part 1 Part 2
CHAPTER 1: The Bible: The Word of God CHAPTER 30: Four Aspects of Righteousness
CHAPTER 2: The Bible: Inspired of God CHAPTER 31a: Sanctification, Part 1
CHAPTER 3: The Bible: Its Subject & Purpose CHAPTER 31b: Sanctification, Part 2
CHAPTER 4: The Bible: As a Divine Revelation CHAPTER 32: Assurance of Salvation
CHAPTER 5: God the Trinity CHAPTER 33a: Security of Salvation 1
CHAPTER 6: God the Father CHAPTER 33b: Security of Salvation 2
CHAPTER 7: God the Son: His Deity and Eternity CHAPTER 34: Divine Election
CHAPTER 8: God the Son: His Incarnation CHAPTER 35: The Church: Her Members
CHAPTER 9: God the Son: His Substitutionary Death CHAPTER 36: The Church: Her Purpose & Commission
CHAPTER 10: God the Son: His Resurrection CHAPTER 37a: The Church: Service & Stewardship 1
CHAPTER 11: God the Son: His Ascension & Priestly Ministry CHAPTER 37b: The Church: Service & Stewardship 2
CHAPTER 12: God the Son: His Coming for His Saints CHAPTER 38: The Church: Worship in Prayer and Thanksgiving
CHAPTER 13: God the Son: His Coming With His Saints CHAPTER 39a: The Church: Organization & Ordinances 1
CHAPTER 14: God the Holy Spirit: His Personality CHAPTER 39b: The Church: Organization & Ordinances 2
CHAPTER 15: God the Holy Spirit: His Advent CHAPTER 40: The Church: Body & Bride of Christ & Her Reward
CHAPTER 16: God the Holy Spirit: His Regeneration CHAPTER 41: The Sabbath and the Lord’s Day
CHAPTER 17: God the Holy Spirit: His Indwelling & Sealing CHAPTER 42: The Gentiles in History and Prophecy
CHAPTER 18: God the Holy Spirit: His Baptism CHAPTER 43a: Israel in History and Prophecy, Part 1
CHAPTER 19: God the Holy Spirit: His Filling CHAPTER 43b: Israel in History and Prophecy, Part 2
CHAPTER 20: The Dispensations CHAPTER 44: Events Preceding the 2nd Coming of Christ
CHAPTER 21: The Covenants CHAPTER 45: The Great Tribulation
CHAPTER 22: The Angels CHAPTER 46: The Second Coming of Christ
CHAPTER 23: Satan: His Personality & Power CHAPTER 47: The Ressurrection
CHAPTER 24: Satan: His Work & Destiny CHAPTER 48: The Judgment of Israel and the Nations
CHAPTER 25: Man: His Creation CHAPTER 49: The Millennial Kingdom
CHAPTER 26: Man: His Fall CHAPTER 50: The Judgment of Satan and the Fallen Angels
CHAPTER 27: Sin: Its Character & Universality CHAPTER 51: The Judgment of the Great White Throne
CHAPTER 28: Salvation: From the Penalty of Sin CHAPTER 52: The New Heaven and the New Earth
CHAPTER 29: Salvation: From the Power of Sin

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