Prisoner of the Lord
This course contains messages drawn from the Word of God that were shared during decades of prison ministry around the world. It was written for those doing time in jail or prison - whether short or lengthy sentences, life without parole, or on death row. It was also written for those who want to minister to offenders and ex-offenders. Its purpose is to give anyone who reads it a new beginning and a new spiritual destiny.

Text by Patricia Hulsey || Workbook by Linda Ratcliff, Th.D.

CHAPTER 1: Realizing Where You Are CHAPTER 11: Retaining and Repairing Relationships
CHAPTER 2: Making Decisions That Determine Destiny CHAPTER 12: Trusting the God of What Is Left
CHAPTER 3: Living Your New Life CHAPTER 13: Refusing To Fall
CHAPTER 4: Refusing To Turn Back CHAPTER 14: Finding Hope in The Valley Of Achor
CHAPTER 5: Utilizing Your Secret Power Source CHAPTER 15: Conquering the Giants
CHAPTER 6: Breaking Bondages CHAPTER 16: Standing Strong in the Storm
CHAPTER 7: Eliminating Negative Emotions CHAPTER 17: Fulfilling Your Destiny
CHAPTER 8: Forgetting the Pain of the Past CHAPTER 18: Pursuing Purpose in Prison
CHAPTER 9: Controlling Your Mind CHAPTER 19: Facing the Future
CHAPTER10: Mastering Your Mouth CHAPTER 20: Finishing Well

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