Shattering the Shackles of Shame
Contributed by Harvestime International Institute

Multitudes around the globe are carrying heavy burdens of shame.  Some are ashamed because of their own sinful conduct.  Some carry shame because it has been imposed upon them by others who have condemned them.  Still others have inherited a cycle of shameful behavior or feelings from their parents.

Shame is an emotion that will keep you forever shackled to the past.  It will prevent you from rising up to fulfill your God-given destiny. The purpose of this course is to shatter the shackles of shame that have bound you, your loved ones, or those to whom you minister. 

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INTRODUCTION: How This Message Was Birthed CHAPTER 6: Imposed Shame
CHAPTER 1: Shame on You! CHAPTER 7: Institutional Shame
CHAPTER 2: The Spiral of Shame CHAPTER 8: Shattering The Shackles
CHAPTER 3: Inherited Shame CHAPTER 9: Silencing the Accuser
CHAPTER 4: Individual Shame CHAPTER 10: Life After Religion
CHAPTER 5: Incessant Shame CHAPTER 11: Receiving Double For Your Shame     

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