On the Threshold of Hope

Text by Diane Mandt Langberg, Ph.D.
Workbook by Stacie Horne, M.Ph., LBT, LACBT, Ph.D.

PDF Workbook

Online Workbook Table of Contents

PART 1: Approaching the Subject of Sexual Abuse PART 3: What Was Damaged in the Abuse?
CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
CHAPTER 13: Abuse Damaged Your Body
CHAPTER 2: On The Threshold
CHAPTER 14: Abuse Damaged Your Emotions
CHAPTER 3: How To Care For Yourself As You Read
CHAPTER 15: Abuse Damaged Your Thinking
CHAPTER 4: You Are a Survivor
CHAPTER 16: Abuse Damaged Your Relationships
CHAPTER 5: One Woman’s Story
CHAPTER 17: Abuse Damaged Your Spirit
PART 2: Dealing with the Abuse PART 4: What Does Healing Look Like?
CHAPTER 6: Telling Your Story CHAPTER 18: Healing For Your Body
CHAPTER 7: What Happens After You Tell Your Story CHAPTER 19: Healing For Your Emotions
CHAPTER 8: Understanding Some Terminology CHAPTER 20: Healing For Your Thinking
CHAPTER 9: Dealing With Trauma CHAPTER 21: Healing For Your Relationships
CHAPTER 10: Childhood Abuse CHAPTER 22: Healing For Your Spirit
CHAPTER 11: What Did You Learn From Your Family? PART 5: Finding Others to Help
CHAPTER 12: A Look Behind The Scenes CHAPTER 23: Finding A Good Counselor
    CHAPTER 24: Walking Alongside A Survivor
    CHAPTER 25: Some Final Thoughts

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