Be Careful. Don't Get Ahead of God.

Psalm 27:14

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage,
and He shall strengthen thine heart:
wait, I say, on the Lord.

Being patient and waiting on God can be challenging, especially during times of difficulty or adversity. However, it is especially important during these times that we must hold onto our faith and believe in God’s divine plan.  It will necessitate surrendering our own desires and agendas and completely depending on God's provision and direction before we even take the first step.

Waiting for God's timing will usually present challenges, but the outcome is always rewarding.


CHAPTER 1: Who Is Willing to Wait?


The Snowballing Consequences of Impulsive Actions
The Tales of Those Who Rushed Ahead of God
CHAPTER 2: The Ripple Effects of Sarah's Impatience
CHAPTER 3: From Deception to Redemption
CHAPTER 4: A Case of Impulsive Justice
CHAPTER 5: Grumbling in the Wilderness
CHAPTER 6: A Lesson From the Rock  
CHAPTER 7: The High Cost of Disobedience
CHAPTER 8: Our Ideal Turned Into an Ordeal


The Narrative of Divine Timing
Tracing the Journey of Those Who Waited on God
CHAPTER 9: Building a Vessel of Hope
CHAPTER 10: From Prisoner to Provider
CHAPTER 11: Barrenness Turns to Blessing  
CHAPTER 12: David’s Moment of Decision
CHAPTER 13: Waiting for the Crown
CHAPTER 14: From Mourning to Rejoicing
CHAPTER 15: The Midnight Cry
CHAPTER 16: Stay and Wait
CHAPTER 17: In the Silence of the Desert
CHAPTER 18: While I Was Waiting on God  ...

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