By Linda A. Ratcliff, Th.D., Th.D. & Irene Semu, B.Th.

This course was inspired by the worldwide shutdown due to COVID-19. Besides the obvious health impacts of the the pandemic, many people are still struggling with the immense emotional, economical, and societal changes it triggered. So I began to wonder, where was God's hand in all this? Were there examples in the Bible of saints whose lives had been interrupted so dramatically? To my surprise, my original outline had notes for over 50 interruptions in the Bible, and they almost always ended with result that the person whose life was interrupted had just received a new assignment from the Lord.


CHAPTER 1: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide CHAPTER 14: Be Careful Who You Listen To
CHAPTER 2: Surely I Will Be With Thee CHAPTER 15: A Gift with Thorns
CHAPTER 3: The Setbnack That Became God's Setup CHAPTER 16: Leaving It All Behind
CHAPTER 4: For Such a Time as This CHAPTER 17: The Almighty HR Manager
CHAPTER 5: The Safest Place in the World CHAPTER 18: How Interruptions Become Opportunities
CHAPTER 6: The Call to Lead and Liberate CHAPTER 19: A Radical Ministry Change
CHAPTER 7: The Unexpected Journey CHAPTER 20: The Interrupted Journey
CHAPTER 8: He Burned His Bridges CHAPTER 21: Are You in Too Big of a Hurry?
CHAPTER 9: The Disastrous Haircut CHAPTER 22: An Evangelist Who Left the Revival
CHAPTER 10: From Green Pastures to a Palace CHAPTER 23: Tearing Down Walls
CHAPTER 11: What to Do When Misery Drags On CHAPTER 24: Guided by Interruptions
CHAPTER 12: The Fiery Trial CHAPTER 25: The Impact of Chains
CHAPTER 13: Start with Prayer CHAPTER 26: Beyond Watergate
    CHAPTER 27: Embracing God's Plan

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