1st Corinthians
Workbook by Rick Bough, Th.D.

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Online Workbook: Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: Introduction
CHAPTER 1: Thanksgiving, a church divided over leaders, Christ cruicified is God's power and wisdom
CHAPTER 2: God's wisdom revealed by the Spirit
CHAPTER 3: The Church and its leaders
CHAPTER 4: The nature of true apostleship, Paul's appeal and warning
CHAPTER 5: Dealing with a case of incest
CHAPTER 6: Lawsuits among believers, sexual immorality
CHAPTER 7: Concerning married life, concerning change of status, concerning the unmarried
CHAPTER 8: Concerning food sacrificed to idols
CHAPTER 9: Paul's rights as an apostle, Paul's use of his freedom, the need for self-discipline
CHAPTER 10: Warnings from Israel's history, idol feasts and the Lord's Supper, the believer's freedom
CHAPTER 11: On covering the head in worship, correcting an abuse of the Lord's Supper
CHAPTER 12: Concerning spiritual gifts, unity and diversity in the body
CHAPTER 13: Love is indispensable
CHAPTER 14: Intelligibility in worship, good order in worship
CHAPTER 15: The Resurrection of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, the resurrection body
CHAPTER 16: The collection for the Lord's people, Paul's personal requests and final greetings

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