1st Corinthians
Workbook by Rick Bough, Th.D.

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Online Workbook: Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: Introduction
CHAPTER 1: Praise to the God of all comfort, Paul's change of plans
CHAPTER 2: Forgivenes for the offender, ministers of the New Covenant
CHAPTER 3: The greater glory of the New Covenant
CHAPTER 4: Present weakness and resurrection life
CHAPTER 5: Awaiting the new body, the ministry of reconciliation
CHAPTER 6: Paul's hardships, warning against idolatry
CHAPTER 7: Paul's joy over the church's repentance
CHAPTER 8: The collection for the Lord's people, Titus sent to receive the collection
CHAPTER 9: Generosity encouraged
CHAPTER 10: Paul's defense of his ministry
CHAPTER 11: Paul and the false apostles, Paul boasts about his sufferings
CHAPTER 12: Paul's vision and his thorn, Paul's concern for the Corinthians
CHAPTER 13: Paul's final warnings and final greetings

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