The Book of Acts
Imagine what it would be like if the Book of Acts were missing.  You would pick up your Bible and see the ministry of Jesus ending in the Gospel of John; next you would read about a guy named Paul writing to followers of Jesus in Rome.  Who was Paul?  How did the gospel get from Jerusalem to Rome?  The Book of Acts answers these questions. "A great New Testament scholar has said that the title of Acts might be, 'How they brought the Good News from Jerusalem to Rome.'" (Barclay)

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INTRO: Introduction    
CHAPTER 1: Christ Ascends, Disciples Wait CHAPTER 15: Jerusalem Council
CHAPTER 2: The Day of Pentecost CHAPTER 16: Second Trip (Philippi)
CHAPTER 3: Many Signs of Wonders CHAPTER 17: Second Trip (Thessalonica, Berea, Athens)
CHAPTER 4: Peter & John on Trial CHAPTER 18: Second Trip (Corinth)
CHAPTER 5: 1st Sin in Church Fellowship, 1st Persecution CHAPTER 19: Third Trip (Ephesus)
CHAPTER 6: Problems in 1st Church, Stephen's Persecution CHAPTER 20: Third Trip (Miletus)
CHAPTER 7: Stephen Goes in Glory CHAPTER 21: Third Trip (Jerusalem Arrest)
CHAPTER 8: Saul's Inquisition, Philip's Ministry CHAPTER 22: Paul's First Jerusalem Defense
CHAPTER 9: Saul's Salvation CHAPTER 23: Jerusalem Conspiracy
CHAPTER 10: Cornelius & Peter CHAPTER 24: Caesarea Prison (Felix)
CHAPTER 11: Peter's Gentile Report CHAPTER 25: Caesarea Prison (Festus)
CHAPTER 12: James Killed, Peter Freed CHAPTER 26: Caesarea Prison (Agrippa)
CHAPTER 13: First Trip (Pisidian Antioch) CHAPTER 27: Ship to Rome and Shipwreck
CHAPTER 14: First Trip, Paul Stoned CHAPTER 28: Two Year House Arrest

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