Epistle to the Ephesians

The Los Angeles Times reported several years ago the story of a man and wife who died in their fifties and were found dead in their apartment. The autopsy revealed they both had died of malnutrition. What was interesting was that when the police discovered their bodies, they searched the apartment and found a whole pile of little paper bags in the closet. When they opened up the little paper bags, they counted a total of $40,000 in paper bills.

Sad to say, many believers today are just like that couple. They have a Bible, maybe even three or four in their homes and Bible aps on their phones and iPads, but they aren't reading them. Oh, they may open their Bible at church or click on their aps when the pastor gives the verses selected for his sermon. But they don't spend any personal time reading the Word. And they are starving spiritually.

The book of Ephesians is a book about riches. It's a book about the fullness of Christ and how to take in the extravagent dimensions of Jesus' love for us. It's a book about our inheritance. And it's a book about our resources - telling us all that we have in Christ. Some have called this book the treasure house of the Bible. What a valuable study this will be!

Outline of the Epistle to the Ephesians || Workbook for Ephesians

CHAPTER 1: Blessings in Christ   CHAPTER 4: Equipping the Saints
  Questions 1 - 13     Questions 1 - 14
  Questions 14 - 25     Questions 15 - 29
CHAPTER 2: By Grace Through Faith   CHAPTER 5: Imitate God
  Questions 1 - 10     Questions 1 - 10
  Questions 11 - 19     Questions 11 - 20
CHAPTER 3: The Mystery of Christ   CHAPTER 6: Spiritual Warfare
  Questions 1 - 7     Questions 1 - 8
  Questions 8 - 13     Questions 9 - 16

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