The Gospel of Mark

Workbook by Daniel G. Hiers, Ph.D. PDF Workbook

PDF Workbook

Online Workbook: Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Jesus' Baptism, Temptation, and Early Ministry
  Questions 1-24
Questions 25-48
CHAPTER 2: Jesus Heals and Forgives the Paralyzed Man; Levi
  Questions 1-27
CHAPTER 3: Jesus' Authority Over Illness and Demons; Calls Disciples
  Questions 1-16
Questions 17-32
CHAPTER 4: Sower and Mustard Seed; Jesus' Power Over the Storm
  Questions 1-18
Questions 19-36
CHAPTER 5: Jesus' Authority Over Swine, Demons, Illness, and Death
  Questions 1-19
Questions 20-38
CHAPTER 6: Jesus Sends Disciples in Pairs; Herod Flashback; Feeds 5000
  Questions 1-28
Questions 29-56
CHAPTER 7: Pharisees' Traditions Over Scripture; the Syrophoenician Woman; the Deaf Mute
  Questions 1-19
CHAPTER 8: Jesus Feeds the 4000; Peter Said "You Are the Christ"
  Questions 1-19
Questions 20-37
CHAPTER 9: Transfiguration; Jesus Predicts Death & Resurrection
  Questions 1-25
Questions 26-49
CHAPTER 10: Divorce; Children; "With Men Salvation Is Impossible"
  Questions 1-25
Questions 26-50
CHAPTER 11: Jesus Enters Jerusalem and Curses the Fig Tree
  Questions 1-18
Questions 19-35
CHAPTER 12: Vineyard; Taxes; Resurrection; Main Commandment; Son of David; Pride; Giving
  Questions 1-21
Questions 22-44
CHAPTER 13: Events around Jesus' return to earth
  Questions 1-16
Questions 17-33
CHAPTER 14: Last Passover Meal; Arrest; Illegal Trials; Peter's Failure
  Questions 1-26
Questions 27-53
CHAPTER 15: Pilate Interrogates Jesus; the Jews Crucify Him
  Questions 1-20
Questions 21-39
CHAPTER 16: Jesus Rose From the Dead
  Questions 1-18

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