Psalm 23
Workbook by Benjamin R. Bough, Th.D.

PDF Text and Workbook

Online Workbook: Table of Contents

  CHAPTER 1: Our Relationship with the Shepherd (vs. 1a)

CHAPTER 2: Provision (vs. 1b)

CHAPTER 3: Rest and Peace (vs. 2a)

CHAPTER 4: Refreshment (vs. 2b)

CHAPTER 5: Healing (vs. 3a)

CHAPTER 6: Guidance (vs. 3b)

CHAPTER 7: Purpose (vs. 3c)

CHAPTER 8: Trust (vs. 4a)

CHAPTER 9: Protection (vs. 4b)

CHAPTER 10: Faithfulness (vs. 4c)

CHAPTER 11: Correction and Comfort (vs. 4d)

CHAPTER 12: Hope (vs. 5a)

CHAPTER 13: Sacred (vs. 5b)

CHAPTER 14: Abundance (vs. 5c)

CHAPTER 15: Love and Blessings (vs. 6a)

CHAPTER 16: Eternal Life (vs. 6b)

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