1st & 2nd Thessalonians

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Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: There were rumors running rampant in the church at Thessalonica about Jesus Christ’s return. Some believed that He had already come so Paul wrote this book to inform the church about when and how Jesus would return and it wouldn’t be missed. He also wrote this book to show how a Christian ought to be living a holy life of obedience and one that pleases God.
CHAPTER 1: Thanksgiving for the Thessalonians' faith
CHAPTER 2: Paul's ministry in Thessalonica, Paul's longing to see the Thessalonians
CHAPTER 3: Timothy's encouraging report
CHAPTER 4: Living to please God, believers who have died
CHAPTER 5: The day of the Lord, final instructions
INTRODUCTION: 2nd Thessalonians is a support letter and a follow up to 1st Thessalonians. He said to just keep working and witnessing and don’t be concerned about the exact time of Jesus’ return.
CHAPTER 1: Thanksgiving and prayer
CHAPTER 2: The man of lawlessness, stand firm
CHAPTER 3: Request for prayer, warning against idleness, final greetings

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