Therapon University is an institute of Online Learning to the Body of Christ, its primary vision being to equip born again believers for ministry. It is the goal of Therapon University to provide Bible courses that will enable and enrich ministry efforts, and to assist qualified persons in earning formal educational recognition equal to their combined academic and life experience achievements, as well as demonstrated competence shown in their professional lives.

All people from all religions and denominations are welcome to study with us. Most of our students study online - with no classroom attendance required. However, if you are unable to take advantage of our e-learning curriculum, we will try to assist you. Problems have solutions, and we have mentors in Africa and other countries, teaching our courses in the classroom.

Research has shown that adults learn best in an atmosphere where they can focus on one thing at a time. Therapon University utilizes a proven format that has worked for thousands of working adults. You take just one course at a time, work at your own pace, and submit lessons online as they are completed. What could be easier?