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Therapon University's Online LibraryApologetics

Reformed Apologetics: Center for Reformed Theology & Apologetics

Is the Bible True?: answers questions regarding the existence of God, Bible Codes, Biblical textual criticism, Biblical archaeology, etc.

Biblical Backgrounds and Archaeology

Biblical Archaeology Review: unearthing the world of the Bible

The Internet Sacred Text Archive: archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore, and the Polyglot Bible

The Orion Center: Dead Sea Scrolls and associated literature

The Perseus Digital Library: dictionaries, classical texts, maps

Church History

Byzantium: The Byzantine Studies Page: Fordham University

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Calvin College

Early an Internet resource for studying the early church

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: full text sources on the Church Councils, Writings of the Church Fathers, etc.

The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt: Encyclopaedia Coptica, Coptic Network

The Chronicle of Eusebius

The Church of Antioch: origin and history of the city

The Fathers of the Church: NT apocrypha, etc. (New Advent)

The Holy See: official Vatican site, includes papal encyclicals

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Commentaries & Concordances

Bible Analyzer: A free comprehensive Bible study and analysis applicaton.

Bible Gateway

Bible Tools: Forerunner Commentary, Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown, John Wesley's Notes, Matthew Henry, People's Commentary (NT), Robertson's Word Pictures (NT), Scofield

Blue Letter Bible Commentaries

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Daily Devotionals

Daily Guideposts

Gateway Devotions

In Touch Ministries

Our Daily Bread

Today in the Word: The Moody Bible Institute

Upper Room Ministries

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Christian Ethics Today: Journal of Christian Ethics

Code of Ethics for Pastors: National Association of Evangelicals

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Evangelism & Missions

Evangelism Toolbox: database offering multi-lingual, multi-format Christian resources

The Missiology Homepage

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Bible Codes: Bible Codes and Supernatural Design

Bible Gateway Reading Plans

Early Christian Writings

Guide to Early Church Documents

Project Gutenberg: Public domain books

Prophecy through the Years

To Prophets of the Restoration

Wikipedia: free, open-content encyclopedia

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Languages of the Bible

Bible Researcher: Greek New Testament and Textual Criticism, early fragments, texts of Hort, Scrivener/ Stephanus, various Biblical texts for research, Greek Bible

Biblia Hebraica: Intro to Biblical Hebrew class; requires SHebrew font (David Wallace)

Classical Greek Online: an excellent Greek grammar guide

Elementary Greek: Jim West

Greek New Testament

Modern Greek Dictionary

Online Hebrew Tutorial: both Biblical and modern Hebrew, with emphasis on modern Hebrew as spoken in State of Israel today

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Music United Methodist Church

The Cyber Hymnal: Lyrics, scores, history, and sound files

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New Testament Studies

The New Testament Gateway: Mark Goodacre, University of Birmingham

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Old Testament Studies

Old Testament Life and Literature

Online Old Testament Text Book

Prophecy and the Prophetic Office

The Old Testament Apocrypha

The Prophets: Holy Men of God: a study of men who spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit

Theology Library Hebrew Scriptures: a comprehensive directory of academic internet resources relating to the Old Testament

To Prophets of the Restoration

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Pastoral Resources

American Association of Pastoral Counselors

Church Leaders

CT: Christianity Today

Pastoral Care

Pastor Resources

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Religions of the World

World Religions


American Atheists


Essentials of Buddhism: Buddha Web

Resources for the Study of Buddhism: Ron Epstein


The Catholic Encyclopedia: Digitized 1908 print edition

Religion Online: Full texts by religious scholars

Folklore & Mythology

Folklore & Mythology Resource Guide


Hinduism Online: Hindu Academy


A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam


Jewish Encyclopedia: 12 volumes, published 1901-1906

Judaism and Jewish Resources: Andrew Tannenbaum

Prophetic Midrash


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Official LDS (Mormon) Web site


Daoism Depot: Taoism and other resources

Taoism Initiation Page: Introduction to Taoism


Avesta - Zoroastrian Archives: sacred texts

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English Translation of the Greek Septuagint Bible: including Greek Old Testament Scriptures & Apocrypha

Septuagint and Reliability

The History of the Septuagint and its Terminology: Texts & Translations

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Pulpit Helps: Sermon outlines and illustrations, bulletin inserts

SermonCentral: 60,000 free sermons, illustrations and dramas

Sermon Links: sermons, sermon outlines, topical sermons, daily devotions, and Bible study articles

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Education and the Christian Worldview: Links to religious education resources (Asuza Pacific University)

Religious Education Association: Selected articles from journal Religious Education

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Computer-Assisted Theology: (Michael Fraser, Oxford University)

Theology Library: Roman Catholic (Spring Hill College)

Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica: (New Advent)

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The Vulgate: St Jerome's Latin translation

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Experiencing Worship: Articles and other resources

Lift Up Your Hearts: Worship and Spirituality Site of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

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